Lil Nuggets, Big Flavor! Kids Menu at Last Chance Grill

Lil Nuggets,Big Flavor.png

Thankfully it is finally football season and what’s better than Texas football and food from Last Chance Grill—nothing! But if you’re like us, we love to spend this time with our family—and sometimes that can be hard when menus don’t cater to little ones! Today, we are here to highlight that at Last Chance Grill we have a deliciously amazing children’s menu that allows you to come in, enjoy your food, drink, and game while being able to share it with your family!

Sometimes we even think about ordering off the kids menu (or as we call it, Lil Nuggets) because of the classic yet tasty menu we have laid out for the little ones! We’re sorry it’s just for the kids, but we don’t mind if you steal a bite or two of what they have ordered—we won’t tell them, swear!

Lil Nuggets, Big Flavor

As we said, we want to order off this sometimes because of the classic options that include: macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and mini burgers!

Mac & Cheese

This mac & cheese is literally the creamiest and most delicious we have tasted. But the best part is—it also comes with waffle fries! Mac & cheese AND fries? Our mouths are watering as we write this!

Grilled Cheese

Another classic option, especially if you have a picky eater! We bump up the regular grilled cheese by having Texas Toast as the bread used, and then we fill it with layers of tasty American cheese. Again, we added some waffle fries to this meal because who doesn’t love a grilled cheese with waffle fries? Both of which are delicious when dipped in ketchup!

Chicken Tenders

What would a classic kids menu be without chicken tenders? Not a good kids menu! These chicken tenders are hand cut chicken breast pieces that are battered and fried to perfection. Not so surprisingly, we have waffle fries on the side! With this, we also have honey mustard or ranch for dipping sauce! Either choice is perfect for dipping your chicken tenders and waffle fries into!

Mini Burgers

Last but not least we have our mini burgers for our Lil Nuggets—perfect size for little hands! On top of each burger (this meal comes with two burgers!) is American cheese—and of course, it is served with waffle fries.

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At Last Chance Grill, we want to make sure that we have an option for everyone, and that everyone leaves happier than they came—which is why it is important to have a delicious kids menu! We can’t wait to see you, and your family, next time you stop in!

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