Football, Food, and Fun at Last Chance Grill!

What goes together better than: football, delicious food (from Last Chance Grill, of course!), and a chance to win tickets to opening day for the Dallas Cowboys? In our opinion, nothing! With the Cowboys beating the Cardinals in their first preseason game on August 3, we are getting more and more excited for football season to be in full swing! Which is why we are holding a raffle to give away tickets to opening day against the Giants on September 10 for one lucky winner!

Dallas Cowboys Opening Day Extravaganza!

If you have not heard yet, we have an awesome raffle going on until August 31!! All you have to do is eat at Last Chance Grill (well… for every $25 spent you get one raffle ticket)—easy enough! So what would you win if you are the lucky ‘chosen one’? You will win four tickets to opening day on September 10, 2017 where the Cowboys will play the Giants! That’s pretty good right? Oh, we’re not done! On top of that, you will get a limo ride to the stadium, and dinner for the four going at Last Chance Grill before the game! Note: alcohol and tip are not included in the dinner prize, but your delicious dinner will be on us! The drawing will be held on August 31, 2017, and you do not have to be present to win since on the raffle ticket you will provide your phone number and email address—if you are the winner we will find a way to contact you! Join us before we choose a winner on August 31!

Football and Last Chance Grill

So maybe you love football and food, but you’re not a fan of going to the games—do not worry! Like the past, we will have different specials for Cowboy games (for example, for the preseason game we had a great deal on Miller Lite—just keep up to date on our Facebook page)! Whether you win or not, we are excited and happy to go into another Cowboy season with our amazing customers!