Weekly Specials at Last Chance Grill!

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Did you know that every week we have specials—and we’re talking more than just our happy hour that goes from 11 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday! On special days, we have different events that help you make it through the work week in one piece! Join us Sunday through Thursday for amazing food, cold drinks, and different specials at Last Chance Grill!

FREE Poker!

You heard it right—free poker! We have poker offered on not one, not two, but three days a week at Last Chance Grill! Offered on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights—you have three different options to come and join us to play some poker! The best part (other than it being free and that you can play poker while eating our Catfish Bites…) is that the winner takes home $150! Great food, free poker, and an opportunity to win $150 three times a week—we’ll see you there!!

Karaoke Night

Is The Voice or American Idol too much for you at this time—but you know both in the car and the shower that your voice deserves to be heard?! Lucky for you, we have karaoke nights on Tuesdays! Before you get up there and sing, be sure to fill your stomach with delicious food (and maybe some liquid courage, if necessary!). If you get nervous before getting on stage—we suggest getting something lighter, like our tasty Blackened Chicken Salad! But thankfully, no matter what you get from us—it goes well with an ice-cold beer!


Ladies Night!

Sorry boys, but this night is for the ladies—but do not worry, you are all still invited to join us! On Thursdays, we have ladies’ night, a tried and true classic day for fun! You’re almost to the finish line (the weekend!), and sometimes you need to celebrate! During this celebration, we have a weekly rotating DJ, so come join us every Thursday for fun, delicious food, and great music!


Stop in any day for great food and fun at Last Chance Grill, but make sure to check us out on these days for amazing specials you will not want to miss!

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